Supporting two amazing charities – KULE and Friends of India (FoI) I have chosen certain hardships that living on board a stripped down racing yacht offers unlike those in the Kenyan and Tamil Nadu communities who simply endure hardship without choice.

Please remember that as you read these blogs, my aim is to raise funds for KULE and FoI and my employer has agreed to match the funds I raise.

Since January this year I’ve cycled over 3,000 kilometres, having completed two rides around Lake Geneva as well as the amateur stage of the Tour de France, not to mention two Atlantic crossings amounting to around 10,000 nautical miles – a quarter of the way to the 40,000 I will achieve by the time the race ends.

Help me to help others and to provide opportunity for others – even if it’s just the price of a coffee; a glass of wine or your favourite chocolate bar, every little helps – it helps provide fresh water and education. Please donate through MyGiving

Arrival in Rio

And Team Switzerland are raising money and support for Mercy Ships – Saving Lives Every Leg

Your Christmas gift to KULE and FoI will be doubled (super cool) and will go straight to people who need our help and not to administrative costs – straight to where it’s needed! Incredible and awesome and THANK YOU.

I am so grateful for your support. xxx


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