The best bits so far

Almost 10,000 nautical miles sailed and there have been some great things to remember, here are the top ten, in no particular order of favourite:

  1. The departure from London, an amazing send off and so much emotion with family and great friends
  2. The cloud formations throughout the sailing so far
  3. The sunrises; sunsets and moonlit nights
  4. Racing off watch at 2am to raid the Weetabix before crashing asleep
  5. Bringing down the Yankee 1 in lightening caught in our first howling squall
  6. Seeing James in Rio
  7. Seeing James and William in Cape Town
  8. Surfing at 17 knots and covering Carlo in crashing white waves, laughing heartily before I then get covered
  9. Standing on the bow watching dolphins frolic around us
  10. Seeing wildlife such as whales; dolphins; albatross; seals; penguins; baboons (and William)

So many more great moments of laughter and hard work and achievements, pretty good so far 🙂


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