Rio Baby

Arriving with only two full days in Rio in which to clean and mend the boat as well as re stocking with food really wasn’t going to allow time for sightseeing.
However my unrealistic, optimistic self thought otherwise and that’s probably why I feel so disappointed.

That said, we did turn the boat around and set sail on time, currently enjoying an upwind slog with huge waves crashing over us. In the log book our sea condition is officially referred to as, “rough”. Being on deck isn’t as bad as being below deck, even getting in and out of my low bunk has its challenges…..more core tummy muscle work required!

It was great to catch up with crew from other boats and to receive such a warm welcome as we arrived. I felt quite emotional (yup, I am soppy!) ,

The skyline of Sugarloaf Mountain and the statue of Christ was a spectacular welcome arrival  and quite a contrast to the oil fields we’d recently passed.

Christ the Redeemer looks down at Rio de Janeiro from the peak of Corcovado

Christ the Redeemer overlooking Rio de Janeiro from the peak of Corcovado

As for Rio… Metro works well, laundry gets done and the supermarket stocks good wholesome snacks. That’s all I can really say about Rio 😦

Hopefully I will be back to really explore Rio in the not too distant future. For now we head to Cape Town with the aim of being in the top five and within 24 hours of the first boat in. Now if we are that first boat then all the better.

Goodbye Rio

Goodbye Rio

Clipper fleet sail out past Sugarloaf Mountain

Clipper fleet sails out past Sugarloaf Mountain


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