The end of the beginning

A day out of Rio and we’re on full swing getting as many jobs done as possible before we arrive. We have a list of jobs as long as your arm not to mention re-stocking the boat of food; cleaning materials etc.

Land ahoy!

Land ahoy!

We have a deep clean to do which involves emptying the boat of everything from crew kit to ropes and sails then onto cleaning the floor boards; generator servicing and bilge cleaning.

Everyone wants/needs down time before we leave at 14h Saturday (12th) for leg 2 race start and destination Cape Town which in theory should take us no more than 18 days.

Sailing into RioArrival in Rio

I’ve volunteered as stop-over manager along with another very organised crew member in the strong hope that we all pull together and have us turned round ready to leave and having had some level of relaxation – not to mention time to buy basics such as toothpaste!

Often we have corporate hospitality regatta to crew which is good fun if you don’t have family around – I’ll be doing my next one in Albany having done one in Brest with One DLL.

And saying goodbye to new friends, people who before August 28th many of us had never met and we have shared 24hours of intense living arrangements I will really miss our Italian contingent, especially Mario from Calabria and Carlo who is Swiss-Italian, from Geneva who were both in the Woolly watch.
Heather who is bonkers yet helms like a demon; Tom our medic from Germany aka ninja windseeker who will leave us in Rio.

Wooly watch, last watch to Rio

Wooly watch, last watch to Rio

Carlo, Aly and Mario sailing into Rio

Carlo, Aly and Mario sailing into Rio

Mario is a brilliant sailor who has willingly and kindly shared his sailing, especially helming experience and with whom we’ve discussed the delights of Italian cuisine. But it’s Carlo for whom I have the biggest soft spot, he has looked out for me, looked after me and made me laugh, as well as teaching me a lot about sailing – he has reminded me very much of my son William and therefore I’ve felt at home in the middle of the Atlantic Ocean – the kindness of strangers who become friends and in effect, family. A 32 year old who reminds me of my 15 year old… I will miss you loads!

Thank you for a great start to an epic adventure!

Celebrations in Rio

Celebrations in Rio



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