Why babies cry

Nappy rash… Or the adult equivalent when your rear end has been sitting in salt water during a significant number of watches and you’re permanently wearing damp salt water kissed undies. All I can say is thank heavens for Sudacrem although I never thought I’d be using it on me ;(

And then there’s the yellow spots that develop around tiny cuts on your fingers and signs of dehydration include outbreaks of teenage spots not to mention ‘lurgy’ hands when you’ve been sailing in non-stop rain for four or six hours!

lurgy hands

And the little slips one has just two days into race two, falling backwards onto the self-tailer on the winch right on my coccyx. Ouuuuuuuch!!

nasty winch to fall onto

All well though and all part of life’s rich tapestry. We know more about each other’s toilet habits than our own family members and often laugh about the conversations we shouldn’t have when back in the office….
“Oh, you’ve been awhile, all ok? What colour’s your urine today, how many pumps did the loo take to flush today? 200….. Nooo can’t have been ….really!”

toilet habits


1 thought on “Why babies cry

  1. Maureen

    Following all your posts and keeping an eye on the main website too. Well done you! Hardships and all it must be a great adventure. Think of all the memories you are making.


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