2000 mile party

Yes it’s September 27th we are still in the doldrums yet ‘only ‘ 2k to go to Rio.
We did come across some light south westerly winds today that pushed us a further 24nm to our destination, but heck, it’s hard going. However, south westerly winds means the trade winds are in sight and that means a route out of the doldrums. Thank heavens.

So today’s mothers feasted us with chicken and then carrot cake. We even had the promise of an extra 200ml of water from tomorrow. This as you can imagine generated a huge amount of excitement.

And further excitement came when we heard that the race committee had decided that we won’t lose the six hours it took us to transfer water from Garmin due to the fact that the maker of the water maker confirmed that they had been delivered faulty parts.

So every cloud does indeed have a silver lining and I can’t wait to see James in Rio even though he’ll have had quite a few days on his own.

Dreaming of a fresh water shower, clean clothes, a chilled glass of white wine and fresh fruits n veg. Oh and seeing some sights of course!

Still in disbelief that I am crossing the Atlantic Ocean, that in 6 degrees time I will cross the equator. ( Oliver – how many miles in a degree of latitude?)

Party on 😉


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