Water, water, II

So the demise of the water maker is imminent.

We decided to suspend racing this morning in order to rendezvous with Garmin mid-Atlantic.

Team Garmin

Team Garmin

This means that we motor the 14nm to Garmin to collect the water. We then motor back to the position from which we were before starting the engine, and then recommence racing.
We also hope that others in the fleet suffered horribly light winds that kept them relatively stationary.

Team Garmin will have the time they spent helping us deducted from their race finish. We have no redress.

In our level3 training we practise boat to boat transfers – clearly with good reason!

boat to boat transfer

boat to boat transfer of water

refilling the water tanks thanks to Team Garmin

refilling the water tanks thanks to Team Garmin

It is now 33 degrees on deck, in the shade. Our generator is also on the blink which means that the 55 degrees of heat from the engine room is allowed to seep into the crew accommodation area. It’s not pleasant.

I was on mother watch today and made 5 kg of bread or three 500g loaves and 3 one kg loaves because sandwiches were on the menu for lunch… Thankfully the bread got a thumbs up which is always heartening when you started making it at 3 am, my porridge….yes, you heard right, my porridge seems to get a round of applause.
And now it’s 1930 my co mother is doing a fab job washing up as I lay in a bunk, gently baking with an ice pack to keep me cool,

This year’s doldrums are apparently wider than usual and keep shifting. We probably have another four days in them, trying whatever method possible to move the darn boat ever towards our target of 22°54′30″S 43°11′47″W
And in a couple of days we shall party to the news that we ‘only’ have 2000 nm to go.

Sweet dreams readers.


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