North meets South

What amazing watch from 22h to 0200 h into the ITCZ otherwise known as the inter tropical convergence zone where the northern hemisphere meets the southern.

Our watch went from a calm code one lightweight spinnaker run to all hell breaking loose. A huge wind increase saw us drop the spinnaker fast, hoist the staysail and Yankee one only to then find ourselves way overpowered, heeling over screaming through the water with waves coursing over the deck.

And then the heavens crashed and banged around us with lightening and heavy rain.

Only now we had the Yankee to drop, and fast with an equally fast reefing of the mainsail.
It was such an adrenalin rush that you had not a moment to be scared. We all came off watch soaked to the skin and full of tales that will be one of many no doubt.
Your first storm has really got to be something to write home about though. Woooo hoooo. Go the woolly squall seekers!

Oh and for the boaty ones amongst you we even successfully pulled off a spinnaker peel this afternoon. Apparently that’s something worth mentioning in a boat club bar over a G&T or beer or chilled Chardonnay or…… Oh my, Rio here we come!


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