Visit from the ice cream van

Here we are at 07 degrees north 028 degrees west and the familiar sound of the ice cream van rings in our ears.

Not just any old ice cream van but one stocked with all your personal favourites from ice cream to beer and wine – no chocolate as it’s just too warm for chocolate, around 35 degrees and no breeze.

I ordered a large mango sorbet. Hmmmmmmm

Then the thought of an iced can of coke, condensation dripping down the sides featured.


2 litres of water per 24 hour period to get us to Rio, the longest/ widest ITCZ and doldrums in the history of the Clipper race.

Good job for that passing ice cream van and a vivid imagination.
But mum if you happen to be driving by a pack of those green mints you have in your car would be just great.

I’m on watch in a mo so I’ll keep an eye open for you. South and on the right!


1 thought on “Visit from the ice cream van

  1. Cynthia Gray

    Alysoun, if I could drive quickly enough to you, you could have tons of green mints (except I cannot get them anymore), will Mint Imperials do?


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