Race to Rio – Day 6

The weather is averaging 25kt which is a bit breezy for the kites today and there are stories of significant sail damage across the fleet.  3750 nm remain and on day 6 we had no idea just how long that would be.

Fun watch with more anti chafe measures more housekeeping and some good humour with a plea to the victuallers to improve portion sizes as we are all really hungry.

We have stories from other boats of halyards being chafed, particularly the mainsail. Lots of checking of all our ropes with some interesting findings. Out with the whipping twine to lessen the damage and reduce the risk of us losing a halyard. I am quite sure that we have a creature on board that enjoys rope for dinner. That said, it could be any one of our crew as we are all so hungry that we could eat a rope if it became available!

Life on board is feeling more “normal” with the ability to walk at odd angles without falling over becoming quite the norm, although I think that thousands of years of evolution will be wiped out as we spend most of our time on all fours on the foredeck or in a semi squat position to lower your centre of gravity. The human that is supposed to walk upright will be a thing of ancient history as we make our way around the world squatting or crawling our way around the boat.

I am sure that the round the world crew when they return could easily become ape like in their walking, bent knees to lower your centre of gravity, one hand always on something to steady yourself… so isn’t going to work with heels. LOL


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