Time Out

I love music, however my preference is for having it around me not filtered through my ears via iPod head phones. However already on board I feel the benefit, it takes you to a different world from the 18 square foot of personal bunk space or maybe all of one metre of common space.  Funny that in my other world I ‘need ‘ quiet in order to write. And here I am in the saloon, earl grey tea cooling, and Thay’s great music selection playing in my ears and I am really happy.

Nice music, shame about the hair

Nice music, shame about the hair


3 thoughts on “Time Out

  1. Thay

    Glad you are enjoying the selection. hope there is something there for all moods and occasions. Please bring back some new music as you meet new people and places from around the world !

  2. John Holloway

    I agree that music is one of life’s greatest joys. I use my player whenever I travel on train or tube – the journey suddenly is transformed. You are going to find all sorts of new musical worlds on your route – enjoy them all!

  3. Lesley Roberts

    What a difference some music makes. Suddenly you have some personal space and can take your mind anywhere yet no one knows. What a lovely feeling. x


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