Gas and mines

Our cooker is designed to stay reasonably horizontal as the boat changes angle, so that you don’t have pans flying off the hob as you tack or gybe.

This is great normally but due to the fact our oven also moves forwards and backwards in its casing, the attachment to the gas pipe is somewhat challenged, or rather simply, it is unscrewing itself letting small but not insignificant amounts of gas escape.

So on the morning that I was asked to show someone how to light the oven I was rather surprised to be met with a large orange flash. FIRE shouted loudly heralds a sprint down the starboard crew accommodation faster than Usain Bolt with our skipper immediately in control of the situation.

We are lucky that the gas leak was small, the leak is identified – fairy liquid and a small adjustable spanner work wonders. The cooker is isolated and we wait for the maintenance crew in Brest to fix it.

Later in the day we thought we would have to drop an anchor to stop us being pulled backwards by the tide, however upon visiting the navigation station and the words “mine dumping zone” appearing we rapidly changed our mind. Dropping anchor here would have put our small gas flash into perspective…

My heart beat is only just back to normal!


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