Just before leaving home we had celebrated Matthew’s 18th birthday.  On the way back to the car park we passed the Franz Weber toy store that the children just couldn’t resist visiting when they were younger. All a little giddy, we headed straight for the soft toy section. And then as we had our fill of ‘ooooo’ and ‘ahhhh’ I spotted a very cute Swiss cow.  Under a smidgen of duress and aware of a rigorously applied weight limit I walked on.

The morning of our parade from London my husband presented me with a small bundle with strict instructions to open only when at sea. The evening we anchored at Queenborough I opened a red Swiss flag head scarf and inside was… The happy, smiling Swiss cow that I duly took with me to bed and have done since.

Sleep well and sweet dreams

aly and cow


4 thoughts on “Surprises

  1. Francoise Andre

    Dear Alyson,

    Thais so much for letting us share and get just a tiny taste of your trip. Have just returned from Africa Mercy in Congo Brazzaville, where we shared your adventure ,

    Keep smiling, and thanks,greetings to the crew.



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