Tyler’s monkey visits – a monkey’s perspective

Hi there readers of spinnakersandspokes, Tyler’s monkey here. I’m lucky enough to have been taken into the hearts of Clipper round the world crew, family and friends. I love these guys and have had so much fun with many of them, in their home countries, during their training – which by the way is pretty tough going.

I had a rather bumpy journey from Lanzarote to my hostess’s home in Divonne-les-Bains. I was very gently removed from my travel packaging and welcomed with sunshine and a warm hug.

Tylers monkey in post bagMonkey with Aly 2013-08-08 11.58.27

Alysoun’s daughter Katherine and her friend Hannah were kind enough to take me into Geneva for the day.

Wow, I had a great time and saw so many amazing sights from the top of Geneva’s cathedral as well as the United Nations.

view from cathedral 2013-08-08 17.28.25Palais des Nations 2013-08-08 15.27.34

What a treat to then spend Friday having a real French breakfast. What a choice of yummy pastries. Needed to walk off those extra calories though, after all if I’m joining Alysoun and her crew on Leg one of the clipper round the world yacht race, I need to be fit!

breakfast 2013-08-10 09.42.22biking 2013-08-10 10.02.30

More great sightseeing up in the Alps on Saturday, lunching with Clive and Jenny before helping with the final packing before Alysoun headed off for her pre-race boat preparation week. I enjoyed my cycle experience, think I look rather dapper in a cycle helmet and shades. Hmmm, I could get used to this.

lunch grand bornandcol de la colombierecow fountainbike outfit

Then yet another journey for me, I so love travelling. I really enjoy cheering up little children who are sometimes tired or scared when they travel.

I did become a little concerned when I was photographed on the baggage weigh in machine, but no, I was indeed travelling with Alysoun and quite enjoyed my trip through Geneva airport, great seat on the plane with some extremely friendly folk. I did notice some very odd sideways looks at my travel companion as she carried me through the airport. I don’t think she noticed me waving and smiling at our fellow travellers.

monley wearing backpackmonkey at passport controlmonkey on easyjetmonkey on baggage trolley

And so onto the Isle of Wight, meeting up with a fellow stuffed toy, Finnegan the leprechaun, we had a nice little chat before falling soundly asleep. I later found out that Finnegan had actually been kidnapped from skipper Sean’s boat by of all people, a very senior, should know better, medical man!

monkey windowmonkey isle of wight

it would be rude not to

it would be rude not to

And so onto the amazing boat Switzerland with her great fun crew. I enjoyed meeting their mascot, a very handsome marmot, quite a way from home in the Swiss Alps, but seemingly at home on board this friendly boat.

Monkey with Marmot 2013-08-15 09.04.27

Better sign off now, lots going on during the week. Alysoun is so busy helping prepare the boat with the rest of the crew. She’ll tell you all about it really soon.

Wishing you all a great weekend.


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