20 Kilogrammes

When preparing to travel, lay out all your clothes and all your money. Then take half the clothes and twice the money ~ anon

What does it say on my countdown page? That’s right, 24 days to go until race start. But wait……. How many days until I leave home for boat preparation and delivery?

Oh, errr, that’s right, 3 more sleeps. Did you hear a slight squeak escape … can you hear my heart rate increase and pound rigorously? Why is my mouth feeling dry and my head remembering a thousand different lists of “to do’s”.


So, forever the practical.

Check: Clarins skincare products divided by leg

clarins close up

Check: Clarins skincare products boxed ready for distribution to leggers

clarins boxed up

Check: All packaging removed and deposited at the recycling plant this morning

black bags

Check: Sleeping bag and foul weather gear already deposited with Charlie at the weekend. PHEW – less luggage on the flight on Sunday.

Check: Kit laid out and ready to pack (?) ish.

unpacked bags

Check: Second “spare” head torch bought and checked – why the heck are the instructions so darn complicated, it’s just a light……

head lamp

Today’s list includes taking up the hem on my new Musto (oops, sorry Henri Lloyd) sailing trousers; actually packing my bags into no more than 20kg. Yep, you heard right, 20 kg for 12 months of seafaring. It can be done. It will be done. No hairdryer or straighteners though and I am coming around v-e-r-y slowly to the idea of seriously bad hair days, remember “looking your best” blog page? No mirrors! 😉


I am focussing on my breathing – yep – breathing is good, I am alive.


1 thought on “20 Kilogrammes

  1. Lesley Roberts

    Oh I remember this bit so well. I was feeling so many emotions that I nearly didn’t leave.

    Deep breath, glass of wine, reassuring hug. You can do this.



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