Time to Party

You can party in your sailing gear but you can’t sail in your party gear ~ Skipper Vicky

My partying started last Friday, the last day in the office, when my amazing colleagues presented me with some wonderful gifts that will most definitely be used during my round the world adventure. I felt so fortunate and overwhelmed by their generosity.

On Friday night I was instructed to stay at my friend’s house, so that my daughter could continue to organize a party fit for a sea fairing adventurer and slightly bonkers mother. Thank you Anne – not only a great blog & twitter master but an amazing pizza chef too!

I knew that there was going to be a party, what I didn’t know was the length to which Katherine and my husband James would go to. Katherine had Matt and William as well as numerous friends painting and decorating the garden. And she’d thought of everyone, even the little ones joining their parents for the evening were entertained with a treasure hunt. And my mum had baked one of her awesome super special fruit cakes that she’d had decorated with the Clipper race logo!

garden decorated 2garden decorated 1garden decorated 3

Having spent Saturday either cycling with Anne or pampering myself, I had a relaxing lead into a wonderful evening, full of surprises, from surprise visits from friends to the decoration, the food, just a brilliant atmosphere.

colleaguespink fizz in the garden

Celebrations continued into Sunday, spoiling ourselves at the local café for “petit dejeuner complet” followed by pink fizz in the garden before Jean (only just) caught her flight home. And not before my lovely friend Ali, who I’ve known since I was five years old, telephoned to confirm she’d be there at race start – all the way from Naples, Italy.

Tuesday saw me collect the wonderful products that Clarins Switzerland have so kindly donated to  the crew of our Swiss sponsored yacht – “Team Switzerland”.

clarins signclarins boxes

With more celebrations this week, August 1st marks two special days – Yorkshire day and the day that our Swiss sponsored yacht is officially named.

Of the people supporting this adventure are my Mum’s neighbours, Ina and Clifford. They are both in their 90’s and celebrate their 72nd Wedding anniversary on August 13th. … perhaps another excuse for a party? They so kindly sent me a card with their love as well as “a white rose of Yorkshire for a Yorkshire lass”. This silk white rose will be coming with me on the boat!

Thank you Clifford & Ina

Thank you Clifford & Ina

Yorkshire day celebrates everything Yorkshire, but especially the integrity of the historic county, and integrity is most definitely something worth celebrating. Not to mention the start of the third test of the Ashes and in the England team are quite a few Yorkshire men!

John Holloway (yes, YOU) wrote the following to me last week after reading the last blog: “But enjoy today because the tomorrows will be so exciting and different that you may forget it all too quickly. Adventures are made great by the bedrock of normality we look back at and compare them to.  They are different, but the bedrock is where our heart and soul can bounce, leap and soar from”.

I will certainly remember all my friends and colleagues when I’m on the high seas, I’ll close my eyes and remember this week of partying, of celebrating all that is great right now, you dear friends are what make the bedrock from which I can indeed leap and soar.

But before I get too mushy and nostalgic, and shed yet another tear (although I’m sure it was mascara in my eye in the office on Friday- must have been!?), something well worth remembering are the words on the card that Jean gave me:

life isnt a journey


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