Level 3 training

I’m towards the end of my training for the race, with baptism by fire on the first night of what’s called Level 3 training. Gale Force 8/9 gusting 10 aka 50 knot winds, provoked a rather violent physical reaction to the “lumpy” conditions. Never having experienced seasickness it was a rude awaking to what might actually wipe me out at times during the race. It passed as quickly as it hit and 70% of the crew were incapacitated too, split relatively equally across the two watches – thank heavens for small mercies.


George the man overboard dummy

Leaning over the back of the boat, safety line attached, hanging onto the guard rail and George, our man overboard dummy, who was good company. Especially when I was unceremoniously picked up by a wave and deposited from the left to right side of George…. “Bump”…. Water up the legs of the wet weather gear (foulies) …note to self, gaiters required.

Remind me why I signed up for this……


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