The Skippers have been announced…

The Skippers have been announced and two weeks today I’ll know who my fellow crew members will be. I’ll know who will lead us safely around the world’s oceans and I should know which boat I’ll be racing. Each time I think about what I’m about to embark upon, I have that dry mouth sensation that you can experience when adrenalin surges through you. It means that in four months, the ropes will be cast off and we’ll be on our way.

In the meantime, trying to figure out how to use wordpress, how to set up the charity pages and link everything together is the order of the day. I am so glad that Anne Siva, my friend of ten years, is such a techy whizz and she simply does not give up when it comes to finding out how to do something like this. Thank heavens. And thank you Anne.


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